torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Steeler - Steeler

Yngwie J. Malmsten vs. Ron Keel. Those names represent the terrestrial one between good and evil eternal struggle. That battle was one of the battlegrounds Steeler-minded band imaginatively named "Steeler" album. 
Guitar virtuoso Yngwie was still quite unknown in those days, a rough diamond that was still in the first "baby-steps" towards better bandbuddies. At the moment Ron Keel was enjoying steady reputation from the U.S. hard rock scene. 
Keel and Yngwie was joined by bassist Rik Fox and drummer Mark Edwards to record their first and only album "Steeler" in 1983.

Track listing:

"Cold day in hell"
"Backseat Driver"
"No Way Out"
"Hot on your heels"
"On the Rox"
"Down to the wire"
"Born to rock "

This album was important springboard for Yngwie J. Malmsteen sensational solo career and the whole world's attention can not be otherwise underestimated. Did you know Yngwies that the correct name is Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck? Neither did i.

Mr.Keel also left an indelible mark to eighties rock. Keel can not be ignored when talking about the 80's Hard 'n Heavy bands. 

Steeler's "Steeler" does not rise even a whole genre middle caste. Even though Yngwie gives a warning for his firepower. Ron Keels lame singing and angular stiffness caused this album to be below average.

Soon after the album was released Yngwie broke the band by joining Alcatrazz and Keel to form his on band called Keel after failing in audition to join Black Sabbath. Drummer Mark Edwards left to Lion and basist Rik Fox went to play in W.A.S.P.

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