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Queensrÿche - Rage For Order

American progressive heavy metal band Queensrÿche released their second full length album on June 26, 1986 through EMI America Records. The album featured keyboards as prominently as guitars, and the group adopted an image closer to glam metal.


Geoff Tate - vocals, keyboards
Chris DeGarmo - guitar
Michael Wilton - guitar
Eddie Jackson - bass
Scott Rockenfield - drums

Track Listing:

"Walk in the Shadows"
"I Dream in Infrared"
"The Whisper"
"Gonna Get Close to You"
"The Killing Words"
"Surgical Strike"
"Neue Regel"
"Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)"
"Screaming in Digital"
"I Will Remember"

The album was ranked #88 on Kerrang! magazine's "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time" in January 1989.

The album peaked at #47 on U.S Billboard 200 and single release "Gonna Get Close To You " hit #91 at UK single charts.

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  1. This was one of my parents favorite, i actually enjoy some of it today.

  2. Awesome song, thanks a lot ;>

  3. Haven't even heard about this one, but no wonder because it wasn't so great.

  4. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  5. 80s > all

    love that stuff, your blog rocks! definitly following

  6. I like this song, I'm disappointed it didn't go higher in the UK chart.

  7. they were a staple on the rock stations in the 80s but not the best music around...