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Stryper - To Hell with the Devil

To Hell with the Devil is second full-length album and third release from the Christian glam metal band Stryper. It was release on October 24, 1986 and sold platinum after being three months on Billboard’s album charts. The album also received a Grammy Award nomination.

Songs like “Calling on you”, “Honestly” and “Free” were frequently played on MTV in 1987.

Track Listing:

"To Hell with the Devil"
"Calling On You"
"The Way"
"Sing-Along Song"
"Holdin' on"
"Rockin' the World"
"All of me"
"More Than a Man"

“Honestly” is Stryper’s top hit, reaching #23 on the Top40 charts

Throughout 1987, both music videos for "Free" and "Honestly" ranked #1 on Dial MTV, the nightly MTV list of most requested videos.

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  1. This brings me back, back to the womb, I was born in 87. but naw, I've listened to stryper, good stuff.

  2. you really like 80s music! cool blog I am following you now please follow back :)

  3. Ha man the first video is just cheesy 80s gold.

  4. What I loved about the 80s was the hair and the songs, awesome songs :D

  5. You have much cool stuff from the 80's here, but this isn't one of them.

  6. Oh man i fucking love Stryper, Honestly is some tune

  7. This is one fucking great album and bend

  8. I prefer the second song:-) nice post!
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  9. Stryper is simply just so damn great!

  10. lol 80s music is so crazy. nice blog:D

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  12. I love 80s music, if only i had lived through it.


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  14. this song is great it remind me my beloved one!

  15. wow this is very interesting! the sad thing, is that I have not heard of many of these!lol